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Mourou 155mm sanitary pad 30 pieces

Sanitary napkins are made of various materials and vary depending on style, country of origin, and brand. Pads are different from incontinence pads, which typically have higher absorption and are suitable for people with urinary incontinence problems to wear. Although menstrual pads are not manufactured for this purpose, some people use them for this purpose.

20 Murou 365mm night use sanitary napkins

Menstrual pads, also known as sanitary pads, sanitary pads, sanitary pads, or female sanitary pads, refer to situations where women experience bleeding after menstruation, childbirth, recovery from gynecological surgery, miscarriage or abortion, or any other condition that requires blood absorption from the vagina. Menstrual pads are menstrual hygiene products worn outside, different from sanitary pads and menstrual cups worn inside the vagina. The replacement of the mat usually involves removing the old mat from the pants and underwear, attaching the new mat to the inside of the underwear, and then putting it on again. It is recommended to replace the pads every 3-4 hours to prevent certain bacteria from ulcerating in the blood; This time may also vary depending on the type, flow rate, and duration of wear.