Technological innovation is the key to core competitiveness

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Some people understand that internet technology combines the first two layers and refers to the storage, processing, and transmission of information, while the latter refers to the application of information; Some people also combine the rear two layers into one, dividing them into front hard and rear soft.

IIS was developed on the Windows operating system platform, which also limits its ability to run only on this operating system. In Windows XP Professional, some features of IIS have been restricted to differentiate them from Windows Server 2003.

Small and medium-sized enterprises refer to enterprises legally established within the territory of the People's Republic of China with relatively small personnel and business scale, including medium-sized enterprises, small enterprises, and micro enterprises.

The competition is multifaceted, including competing for the market, raw materials, investment venues, and available funds. However, the most important indicators to measure competitiveness are the sales situation and market share of goods.